Sherri Williams

Multimedia Journalist

For more than a decade Sherri Williams has gone to unfamiliar places to deliver stories that matter. Whether she stood in the middle of a Ku Klux Klan rally in Mississippi, a hostage situation, the rural countryside of South Africa or the streets of Cuba – Williams has transported readers to new places and introduced them to interesting people.

Williams’ career as a print journalist started in 1999 at the Associated Press’ Jackson, Miss. bureau. She has continued to hone her skills as a writer and multimedia storyteller. Williams is passionate about preparing the next generation of reporters and has led many workshops about the craft. Williams is evolving with the nation and the industry. She remains committed to journalism.

Recent Articles

  • Published by: Heart & Soul magazine

    Computer love

    Social media and relationships experts give tips on handling love online.

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  • Published by: Heart & Soul magazine

    The recession & women’s health

    Worry over the recession, unemployment and foreclosures are creating physical and mental health hurdles for women as they struggle to cope.

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  • Published by: Essence magazine

    The five people ruining your health

    Doctors discuss how women’s social relationships affect how their families and friends undermine and promote a health lifestyle.

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  • A residue of fear: Health & the BP oil spill

    Communities of color fear for their health after the Gulf oil spill

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  • Published by: Upscale magazine

    Modern Day Matchmaker

    Paul Carrick Brunson, one of the nation’s few black male matchmakers, encourages his clients to live and love authentically.

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  • Published by: Ebony magazine

    Uncommon ground

    African immigrants and African-Americans worked through differences in Columbus, Ohio and across the nation.

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  • Published by: Heart & Soul magazine

    Rating ereaders

    A look at some of the most popular tablet computers for reading.

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